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Privacy Policy

Your personal privacy is of extreme importance to us.  The European Union (EU) has taken the lead on this issue in the most recent Global Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).  Those standards are being globally recognized as of May 25, 2018.

Cayman Realty (1980) Ltd.’s , collects and maintains personal data provided directly by the guest themselves for the purpose of inquiring or making an accommodations reservation. Our company does not buy e-mail marketing lists from any third parties.

This information (5 items detailed below) will have come directly thru our secure website during the booking process, or will be provided to us by a third-party travel agent, wholesaler, or referral booking source and entered into our secure reservations system. Regardless of the  source of the personal information, our reservation software ( is web-based, fully PCI compliant for credit card data, has a security certificate (https://SSL) and is fire-walled and password-protected. Further, any credit card information is “tokenized” so that only the last-4 digits of the card are visible within our reservations system.
1.     Name
2.     Mailing Address
3.     Email Address
4.     Contact Phone Number
5.     Tokenized Credit Card Details

We also collect and store email addresses only with Mail Chimp:tm: for our periodic newsletters. Addressees are invited to unsubscribe with each newsletter sent and any email addresses unsubscribed are expunged from Mail Chimp:tm:.

Our direct website also have Google Analytics:tm: tracking code so that we may track inbound traffic to our website to better refine the online experience for the guest and measure our website performance.  We do not use any “shopping cart behavior” analytics as we do not have a shopping cart functionality. Google maintains all information securely outside our company. We do not store that information.

We use the 5 items of personal information above exclusively for the contractual purposes of making an accommodations reservation and communicating (via Mail Chimp:tm:) with our customers prior to, during and after their trip.  All credit card data is deleted permanently once the card expiry date is reached. The name, address, email and phone number for confirmed guests only remains in our secure reservations system.  Only email addresses are retained with Mail Chimp:tm:

Any guest may request a copy of their customer data held on file and also has the right to request that we delete/expunge it from our files.

Please feel free to email our site manager, Yuri Ferguson, directly with such a request at